Jordan Park/Laurel Heights

Jordan Park/Laurel Heights

So close to the Presidio, you can find yourself exploring the outdoors daily.

Welcome to Jordan Park / Laurel Heights

Residential and small, this neighborhood is a haven for families in search of space and access to parks.
A quiet neighborhood that mimics Pacific Heights with its style and gorgeous historical homes, Jordan Park / Laurel Heights has a distinctly suburban feel that’s convenient to the rest of beloved San Francisco.
Lauded as the Pacific Heights of the West, Jordan Park / Laurel Heights has some of the most impressive and iconic homes in the city, though you won’t have to fight as many killer hills here, and the community is happily self-contained.

What To Expect

A hushed neighborhood with residential streets and basic amenities within reach.
One of four neighborhoods in SF that can claim its own Trader Joe’s, Jordan Park / Laurel Heights has the basics — coffee, books, a handful of restaurants, and a few boutiques — just what you need to feel at home without feeling too cramped.

The Lifestyle

Students commute to USF while families hold hands with young ones while strolling to the park with the dog in tow.
Life is slower in this suburb-in-the-city where you can walk the dog along quiet streets and greet neighbors at the local cafe over a cold brew or golden milk latte.

Unexpected Appeal

So close to the Presidio, you can find yourself exploring the outdoors daily.
This neighborhood is within close reach of one of San Francisco’s greenest parks, where you can bring your running shoes and towel for a daily sweat or a day at the beach.

The Market

Expensive, with single-family homes and picture-perfect facades.
Living in Jordan Park / Laurel Heights, where the median home price is $2.3 million, isn’t cheap, but it’s the blend of casual living with the stunning architecture that makes it home.

You'll Fall In Love With

The laid-back attitude that permeates the sometimes-foggy air, offers truly unfettered serenity within city limits.
This neighborhood isn’t fog-free, but it’s less here dense than on the streets to the west, which means most afternoons are sunny — perfect for meandering down for an afternoon coffee or date night.

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